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Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

Open Source ECM solution to digitalize your content management and business processes.

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Cloud Meet vertical

Self-hosted, End-to-end Encrypted and Scalable Unified Communication Solution for enterprises.

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K2 Workflow & Process Automation

Powerful Low-code Application Development and Process Automation.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate the rule-based, repetitive and redundant tasks and save man-hours.

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Our Solution Portfolio

DigiWorks Digital Workspace

Based on Alfresco, DigiWorks is the modern Digital Workspace platform to facilitate digitization and digitization journey of growing organizations. DigiWorks is a modular platform offering Document Capture / OCR, Document Management, Workflow Automation and Unified Communication features through an intuitive and device agnostic interface.

Alfresco in Cloud

Get your own Alfresco Community 6.2 Server up and running in Cloud within minutes using our preconfigured template. The installation is fine tuned for production workload and comes with Digital Workspace application and S3 Connector. Choose from cloud platform of your choice, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud or Alibaba Cloud. Pay only hourly charges with no upfront cost.

CloudMeet - Unified Communication Solution

The complete Unified Communication (UC) Platform combining Team Chat, Audio and Video Calls, Channels and Announcements, Instant and Scheduled Online Meetings with Screen sharing and file sharing features with end-to-end encryption, available on Web, iOS and Android devices.

Alfresco Add-Ons

Our Alfresco team has innovated a range of Alfresco add-ons to complement the capabilities of Alfresco platform. Our add-ons include Microsoft Office and Outlook addin for Alfresco, Online Scanning, Alfresco S3 Connector for AWS, Azure BLOB, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

K2 Process Automation

K2 offers the ability to automate business workflows and move them from person to person or team to team as appropriate. K2 allows business analysts to visually create workflows to handle both structured and unstructured processes, no matter the complexity and integrate existing systems and tools into your applications to connect with the data you need to make better decisions.

UiPath Process Automation

Our team of UiPath Certified developers and architects provide RPA consulting to business looking to utilize the power of Robotics Process Automation. Our domain experience in various industry domains ensures that our business analysts are your trusted advisors in identifying and automating RPA-eligible processes.

Our Services

Our consulting services span across of a host of expertise including Enterprise Content Management (ECM) MariaDB Consulting, Database Migration from Oracle to MariaDB and MongoDB Consulting.


Alfresco ECM Consulting

With a dedicated team of Alfresco ECM developers, we help customers deploy, customize and extend Alfresco platform to meet their Document Management, Content Management, Process Automation, version upgrades, data migration and system integration requirements.

MariaDB Consulting

Our MariaDB consulting team, consisting of MariaDB certified DBA's, possess high degree of expertise in planning, architecting and deploying MariaDB TX platform to meet database availability and scalability and performance requirements of your critical business applications.

Oracle Data Migration

Migrate from expensive Oracle to MariaDB database to save cost, without compromising on performance, security and scalability. Our MariaDB migration team consists of experts from diverse background of Oracle database administrators, MariaDB Certified DBA and Oracle PL/SQL experts, to help you migrate to MariaDB Community or Enterprise.

MongoDB Consulting

Our Database consulting team possess high degree of expertise in implementation, troubleshooting and support on Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server databases including Database cluster implementation or performance tuning.

Our Recent Works

Our recent success stories to deliver efficient IT services and Solutions to our customers on various technology platform including Alfresco, UiPath RPA, Oracle Database Migration to MariaDB, K2 Process Automation and more.